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Cardinals QB Carson Palmer Selling House, Moving Out Of State

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a lot of talk about the future of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer. He’s coming off what is being described as the “most physically trying season of his long career.” Palmer is also 37 years old and has a laundry list of injuries he’s suffered throughout his career.

Reports surfaced following a disappointing 2016 season for the Cardinals that Palmer and fellow veteran Larry Fitzgerald have not committed to playing next season.

Despite this, Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians seems confident that his quarterback will be back in the mix come next season.

“I’ve spoken to Carson and Larry every week since the season,” Arians said on Wednesday, via The Arizona Republic. “Neither one has come to a decision. It’s up to them. I feel comfortable with where they’re at and what’s going to happen. Like everybody else, got my fingers crossed. I think when the juices start flowing and the injuries go away, they’ll both be back. But there’s nothing to confirm yet.”

It’s nice that Arians himself is so confident. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Palmer has reportedly listed his Arizona home for sale, pulled his children out of school and moved out of the state. No, really.

The news comes from Arizona Cardinals beat writer Mike Jurecki via Jody Oehler of Fox Sports 910 in Phoenix.

As Oehler would later state, this isn’t a clear indication that Palmer has decided to retire. Though, it sure is an ominous sign. It’s also interesting that Palmer would make the decision to pull his children from their school in the middle of the year. Any suggestion one way or another what that means would be pure conjecture.

What we do know is that the Cardinals want a decision from both Palmer and Fitzgerald here soon. They have to move on with their offseason. And if one or both were to retire, it would tremendously impact the Cardinals’ plans for when March comes calling.

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