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Cavaliers J.R. Smith Accused of Choking Teenage Boy

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Image via Zimbio

According to the New York Daily News, Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith has been accused of choking a high school student at a Chelsea pizzeria on November 13th. The alleged incident occurred just after 4:00 a.m. on the same day the Cavs defeated the New York Knicks at home.

Smith may have been leaving the “ultra-trendy celebrity hangout 10AK” when he encountered a group of fans that included Justin Brown, described as a “19-year-old who wears braces and hails from Harlem.” Members of the group reportedly asked to get a photo with Smith, who denied their request.

As Smith walked away, Brown told police he remarked, “That’s why New York kicked you out, yo!” A which point he said the verbal altercation turned physical, with 6-foot-6 Smith returning for a confrontation. He “checked [Brown] against the exterior of the building and put his hands around Brown’s neck.”

While Smith is seen on a cell phone video walking away from the group, the alleged physical altercation was not caught on video. It’s also worth noting that, for reasons unknown, Brown waited three days before filing a police report.

For his part, Smith has categorically denied any wrongdoing. In addition to a vague denial he posted to Twitter, Smith’s attorney, Alex Spiro, denounced the allegations as “absolutely false.” Spiro said that Smith hasn’t spoken with the police directly, but said he doesn’t expect his client to be charged.

“He didn’t choke him, he wont be arrested,” Spiro said. “There is no arrest issued warrant for Smith. I don’t expect him to be arrested.”

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