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Cavaliers will recover, roll to Finals

Everyone is beginning to panic when the topic of conversation turns to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Pundits on Tuesday morning will be quick to point out that following Cleveland’s 103-74 loss at San Antonio, the Cavs have lost four of their last six contests. Even worse, they are now in second place of the Eastern Conference with a record of 47=26, falling a half-game behind the Boston Celtics.

With forward Kevin Love likely out until the playoffs, there has been the notion of Cleveland finally falling off its perch after consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals. Perhaps this will be the year that LeBron James doesn’t make it to the Finals after six straight showings.

Nope, think again.

Two years ago, Cleveland was the second seed in the East heading into the playoffs. After cruising through the first two rounds, they played Al Horford and the Atlanta Hawks in the conference finals. The result? A resounding, four-game sweep over the home-court Hawks.

Once again, the Cavaliers are facing the prospect of only having the better seed for two rounds, while having to go on the road for the conference finals and perhaps the NBA Finals. Why should we expect a different outcome than the one from a few years back? Assuming Love is back on track by the time the Cavs and Celtics meet up, it stands to reason that Cleveland has the three best players between the franchises.

Isaiah Thomas and Horford are excellent talents, and have plenty of help in Boston. You could make a very compelling — and correct — argument that the Celtics have the coaching advantage with Brad Stevens. Hell, you could say that Boston has the best home court in the East, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But all of that equates to a big fat nothing if the Cavs are healthy when the two teams meet, and all indications are that they will be.

Cleveland is not going to lose before the Finals, and might not even lose there. The Spurs and Golden State Warriors are both good enough to take care of business and raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy come June when the confetti falls. Anybody else? No chance at taking down James and his charges.

It’s the end of March, and with the playoffs in sight, people like to dream about the wild scenarios that could pop up. What if the Houston Rockets make a run to the Finals? What is Russell Westbrook takes down Kevin Durant and the Warriors? What if the Celtics find a way to get past the Cavs?

It’s all great to talk about, but none of it will happen. Cleveland is still king.

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