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Cavs-Fever Comes To The Sportsbooks

We cover a lot of news that effects betting lines here, but rarely do the betting lines themselves become news, but that s exactly what has happened concerning the Cleveland Cavilers.

It may just be wishful thinking upon the Cavs part, but every move they have made in the free agency, to subtle things like removing the infamous letter written by Dan Gilbert, to bigger things like clearing cap space to make a big time player a big time option, has pointed to LeBron James coming back home.

With those rumors, bettors have began to head to the sport books and are actually betting on the Cavs to win the NBA Championship in the 2014-15 season in the futures.

While, many websites only have future betting periodically, most are currently down, the brick and mortar buildings in Las Vegas are still allowing future betting and so many have dropped money on Cleveland winning the title that their odds of doing so have dropped to 10-1. The Cavs opened with 60-1 odds of winning a championship.

Most are placing these bets, of course, with the expectation that James will be return to the Cavs.

The Miami Heat have all but disappeared from the top odds since all three of the “Big Three” opted to test free agency. The San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls sit atop the odds. The Spurs are 9-2 to win, while the Bulls are 7-1 respectively.

While we would never recommend dropping money on a team on some vague expectation that a player may or may not return, this undoubtedly says something about the evidence that seems to suggest that James is going to going back to Cleveland.

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