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CeeDee Lamb Thanks Amari Cooper For Taking Him Under His Wing

CeeDee Lamb says he found out about his promotion to the No.1 receiver in Dallas on TV.

He was working out when news of Amari Cooper’s trade to the Cleveland Browns broke.

“I was actually in the gym. I saw it. It was on TV. I was working out in Fort Lauderdale in my offseason program, and I saw it on TV, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy,'” CeeDee Lamb said. “And then my phone started blowing up literally minutes after. It’s been a crazy story ever since.”


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The Cowboys have sufficient belief in CeeDee Lamb to entrust him with leading the offense. In his second season, he had 1,102 yards on 79 catches with six touchdowns. That’s Pro Bowl standard and if he can keep it up, Dallas is in good hands.

“That’s a lot to take in. It kind of happened so fast, but I feel like that’s a situation I’m ready to take on,” he said of being the No. 1 receiver for the Cowboys. “Honestly, it kind of, in a sense, raised the standard. Obviously, I hold myself to a high standard already, but obviously, at this moment, there’s nothing else you can really do but take it on. That’s the energy I have.”


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“Just wanted to thank him for everything he had done for me in the first two years,” he said.

“Those are real important to me and my direction and trying to find a place in this league where there’s a lot of great receivers. A lot of guys who do a lot of things well in this position. Just giving him his roses for taking me under his wing.”

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