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Chargers Not Ruling Out Drafting QB Early

Spilling a draft strategy early sometimes can be beneficial or it can backfire. But at this point, the Los Angeles Chargers really do not have much to lose after a poor five-win 2016 season.

This year’s plan to prepare for the future of the franchise could involve the Chargers selecting a quarterback with pick No. 7. The team’s general manager Tom Telesco weighed in on Philip Rivers and the quarterback situation in general.

“We’re very happy with Philip Rivers, and I think he’s got a number of good years left in him,” Telesco said,per the team’s official website during an interview with NFL Network’s Anthony Siciliano. “We can win with Philip, and we’re happy with him. But since I’ve arrived here, we’ve always done a lot of work on the quarterbacks. You just have to. Even though we have our franchise quarterback, we always have to be looking toward the future. It’s work we’ve done every year. We’ll do work on all the quarterbacks. You never say never, you just never know in this business. We have to be prepared, whether we’re picking at No. 7 or if we trade back, it’s just hard to tell right now.”

Regarding Rivers, he has been the specimen of fine health since starting for the Chargers in 2006. He has never missed a game and has passed for a total of 45,833 yards and 314 touchdowns. But last year marked a down-year for Rivers, who completed 60.4 percent of his passes compared to the 66.1 percent the previous season. He also threw a career-high 21 interceptions.

A tolling move to Los Angeles could also wear on Rivers. The quarterback was not exactly thrilled with the news of the relocation when it broke.

According to Telesco, it appears there is no time like the present for the Chargers to seriously consider life beyond Rivers, a quarterback that’s under contract through the 2019 season.

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