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Chicago Blackhawks Point Streak Ends at 24

After losing nearly half the season to a player lockout, the NHL could not have asked for a better public relations campaign than the Chicago Blackhawks have given the league.

Last night, Chicago failed to record a point for the first time this season when they were defeated by the Colorado Avalanche 6-2. It ended the best start of any team in the history of the NHL. The streak gave hockey players and fans alike something to be happy about in a season that has not had much to be cheer over.

Chicago was stunned on Friday night in Colorado. It was the first loss during regulation for the team and ended their remarkable run of 24 consecutive games with at least one point to start the season.

After the game, nearly every Blackhawks player said he was proud the team had accomplished the feat, but it felt nice to move on, as the pressure and hype was building more with each game.

The Blackhawks are now 21-1-3 on the season and had not lost a regular season game since March 25 of 2012 when Nashville routed them 6-1. Adding in games from last season, the Blackhawks streak was 30 games.

Overall, their consecutive game points streak was the second longest in league history. The Philadelphia Flyers during the 1979-1980 season set the NHL record with a 35-game unbeaten streak, which included an impressive 25 wins along with 10 ties, all during the same season.

Corey Crawford in net was one of the reasons the Blackhawks streak lasted as long as it did. Crawford after Friday’s loss is now 11-1-3 on the season.

The point streak helped put the Blackhawks in the lead by 17 points in the Central Division. The closest point the team came to losing in regulation before Friday was when Marian Hossa scored with 2.3 seconds on the clock against Calgary to send the game to overtime.

During the streak, the goaltenders for Chicago recorded three shutouts, three more than they recorded in the entire season last year. During the streak, the goaltenders and defensemen for the Blackhawks gave up just 43 goals for a goals against average of just 1.79. The team only gave up 9 power play goals during the 24-game streak out of 97 opportunities.

During the streak, the Blackhawks played 10 of its first 12 games on the road. The team won in regulation 11 straight games during the streak, as well as starting the season winning six consecutive games.

Patrick Kane led the Blackhawks during the point streak with 12 goals. During the point streak, the team had 13 players score game winning goals. Offensively the Blackhawks netted 14 goals in just their first three games played.

During the point streak, Chicago had 16 games decided by one goal. Jonathan Toews scored 10 goals and had 11 assists during the streak, one of which was short-handed to tie the Colorado Avalanche and send the game to overtime last Wednesday.

Overall, the Blackhawks won 14 games during regulation, four during overtime and three during shootouts to end their streak at 21-0-3.

It was a great way for the league to help its fans forget about the long lockout they endured at the start of the season.

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