Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Put NFL On Notice: ‘We’re Not Done Yet’

With all the talk of a budding dynasty, it’s easy to forget we were unsure how good the 2022 Chiefs would be.

It was a transient offseason, with Tyreek Hill moving to Miami and new recruits aplenty coming the other way.

Their rebuilding season saw the Chiefs win the AFC West with the NFL’s best offensive record throughout the regular season.

Patrick Mahomes was NFL and Super Bowl MVP as the Chiefs came from behind to beat the favored Eagles.


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“Let me take you back to 2022 in the month of maybe April — maybe,” tight end Travis Kelce said during his celebratory speech. “Guys were getting signed left and right. The haters were saying that the Chiefs would never make the playoffs, the haters were saying the Chiefs were done. If you knew the Chiefs were going to win the division, let me hear you say, ‘Hell yeah!’ If you knew the Chiefs were going to get the No. 1 seed, let me hear you say, ‘Hell yeah!’

“I knew it, you knew it, but they didn’t know it. If you knew that Patrick Mahomes was going to win MVP, let me hear you say, ‘Hell yeah!’ If you knew the Kansas City Chiefs were going to have the best offense in the National Football League, let me hear you say, ‘Uhhhhhh… na na nana.’ That’s a good one right there — I like that one right there. If you knew Chris Jones was going to be the best defensive player in the nation, let me hear you say, ‘Uhhhhhh… na na nana.’ Alright, alright, alright!”


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“Before we started this season, the AFC West said we were rebuilding,” Mahomes said. 

“I’m going to be honest with you — I don’t know what rebuilding means! In our rebuilding year we’re world champs. I just want to say we appreciate everybody here today. Arrowhead Stadium is one of a kind and we just want to say Chiefs Kingdom is one of a kind, so give a round of applause for everyone standing here today.

“This is just the beginning — we ain’t done yet!”

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