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Jalen Hurts Elevated By Super Bowl Defeat, Promises To Learn

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said Super Bowl 57 was the best game he’s seen quarterback Jalen Hurts play.

However, in the wake of defeat against the Chiefs, Jalen Hurts blamed the defeat on himself. His chagrin is due to a second-quarter fumble that resulted in a Chiefs touchdown. 

“I always hold myself to a very high standard in everything I do,” Jalen Hurts said. “Obviously, I try to control the things I can. I touch the ball on every play. I want to protect it. It hurt us. You never know what play it will be.”


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Hurts may have lost the chance to win the Super Bowl, but he and the Eagles gained something else. Nobody is in any doubt that he is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback and the leader of the team.

“I don’t think we know what Jalen’s ceiling is,” Sirianni said. “He left it all out there. He led us to 35 points. I told him I was happy for him. It wasn’t just this game. It was the entire season.”

“I don’t do this to be loved,” Hurts said. 

“I don’t do this to be hated, I don’t do this to seek anybody else’s approval, I do it for the guys in the locker room, I do it for all the time we invested in this, I do it for the thrill and love of something that we put work into. It is a tough feeling to come up short. But I know the only direction is to rise and that will be the mentality going forward. We’ll sit back and reflect on it and learn from it.”


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“I’ve already challenged everyone to think about those things,” he continued. “Look yourself in the mirror and be able to learn from everything. You either win or you learn.

“You want to cherish these moments with the people you have come so far with — your family, your loved ones, your teammates,” Hurts added. “I’m so proud of this team for everything we’ve been able to overcome.”

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