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Chris Ballard Says Colts Need To Solve Quarterback Position

Colts GM Chris Ballard says Indianapolis never recovered from their offensive woes early on in the season. 

Chris Ballard took responsibility for a tumultuous season at his end of year press conference. It is perhaps a hangover from Andrew Luck’s shock retirement back in 2019.

Since then Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan struggled to fill the gap. Head coach Frank Reich lost his job as a result.


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“When you’re changing quarterbacks every year, it’s tough,” Ballard said. “It’s tough on everybody. … Not getting that position settled, you know, has a little something to do with it.

“That’s not an indictment of Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan is as professional a guy, player that I’ve been around,” Chris Ballard said.” I still think he’s got something left in his body to play. He’s smart, knows how to play the game. Looking back, early in the season we had some changes to the offensive line and that’s where our struggles occurred early. We just never really recovered from them.

“Look, I failed. I’m not gonna sit up here and make excuses,” Ballard said. “I failed a lot of people. Highly disappointed about where we’re at, how the season went.”


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“I never take lightly what’s at stake here. It’s not the wins and losses, but people’s lives are on the line. Players’ families, coaches’ families, front office, people in this building, and I don’t ever take that lightly. I’m disappointed. Disappointed in where we’re at, and ultimately, it falls on my shoulders.

“I won’t walk away from that. I won’t run from it. Saying that, we’ll grow from it. And I’ll grow from it. And I’ll get better because of it.”

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