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Chris Bosh gives his ‘top three’ he wants to make his NBA comeback with

Chris Bosh’s career in the NBA came to an abrupt end last year when his persistent problems with blood clots. After agreeing to a parting of the ways with the Miami Heat, it appeared as if Bosh had played his last game in the league.

More than halfway through the 2017-18 NBA season, Bosh is attempting a comeback. Although Bosh knows it is more realistic to make his return to the court next season, he’s leaving his options open to potentially join a playoff team and or legitimate title contender before the March 1 deadline, as he said on ESPN’s First Take.

“Next season, yeah,” Bosh said of his comeback plan. “The roster spots haven’t been filled this season yet, so it’s always a possibility.”

Bosh also named the teams that he’d seriously considering signing with if they came calling and were willing to bring him on.

Asked which teams he might be open to joining, Bosh specifically named the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors — his “top three” teams. Pressed on which team he would join if the Raptors or Cleveland Cavaliers came calling, Bosh added, “Whoever makes me the best deal.”

At this point, it remains uncertain whether the Rockets, Warriors or Raptors would agree to bring on the two-time NBA champion. If Bosh is indeed healthy and able to produce the same way he did before his time with Miami came to an end, these title contenders could use him as he is as versatile a big man as there is in the league today.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of these teams sign him how it’ll impact the odds to win it all this season. The Warriors, as expected, are still the favorites, but that could change if Bosh is added to Houston or possibly even Toronto if he proves to be a game changer.

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