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Chris Gier: ‘You Just Never Know’ With NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier has spoken about the vagaries of the NFL draft process ahead of the event.

Chris Grier and Miami are in a good position heading into the Draft, which takes place from April 23 – 25.

The Dolphins hold three first round picks, including the No. 5 selection. The team is projected to land a quarterback who could become the face of the franchise.

As we know well, a player’s place in the draft is no guarantee that they will meet expectations. Chris Grier says he will weigh up a number of factors before pulling the trigger.


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“I’d say for us, you always weigh talent; you talk about the kid, the person, the work ethic. And then you do look at the injuries; you take in the factor of the position he plays and such,” Grier said. 

“So for us, every decision has got to be weighed with that. I’ve been around great people, players like Jake Long — who was unbelievable but unfortunately the injury bug caught him. Curtis Martin, nobody would have guessed he was going to be a Hall of Famer. We thought he was a great football player [in college] and he was hurt all the time. Ended up a Hall of Fame career basically never missing time.

“You just never know. You factor in all that stuff, but we’ll make a good decision for us in terms of what we think is best for the Dolphins.”


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As for who the Dolphins have their eyes on, Grier kept his options open. He praised both Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbet equally, while taking carel not to hint either way.

“They’re both interesting kids. I’ve gotten to know both of them through this process. They’re really good people,” Grier said.

“They’re both very talented players. Both have won a lot of games. They’re both intelligent players and winners.”

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