Chris Paul, Warriors

Chris Paul Says NBA Bubble Is ‘Remarkable’

Oklahoma City Thunder veteran Chris Paul says that the fans’ energy was missed in the bubble, despite its success.

As NBPA president, Chris Paul was heavily involved in the implementation of the quarantined facility in Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Chris Paul and the Thunder were eliminated from the playoffs by the Houston Rockets, resulting in the firing of coach Billy Donovan.

Despite his disappointment, Paul finished his season feeling ‘honored and privileged’ to be a part of the NBA.


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“Fans were definitely missed,” Paul admitted

“It was the energy. Especially with me, playing for the Thunder. Playing in OKC, it’s different, the way that, when you make a shot, you feed off the crowd. But I think the virtual crowd has been amazing. Players being able to walk off the court and see their loved ones and families there, it means a lot.

“First and foremost, it’s amazing how everything came together,” he added. 

“Obviously, I’d rather still be there playing. It is what it is. It’s remarkable, all the different types of stuff guys have done to make everything happen. That’s why I’m honored and privileged to be a part of this great league.”

Another feature of the NBA in pandemic conditions is the politically charged atmosphere which now pervades society. Players, coaches and teams have used their platforms to impact politics to a never-before-seen extent.


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Paul is heavily involved in the “When We All Vote” campaign, aimed at ensuring everyone eligible to vote registers.

“Strides is an understatement,” Paul said.

“I’m so proud of our guys.

“The job the guys have been doing to be a little bit more educated on the situation, getting people out, recruiting poll workers and things like that … the bubble has been an unbelievable blessing.

“Our players are continuing to do the work. And we’re grateful, and we are going to keep working.”

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