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Cleveland Cavaliers Revamp Squad | NBA Trade Deadline

The Cleveland Cavaliers potentially restored their title hopes by revamping their roster on a frantic NBA trade deadline period.

Overall, Cleveland traded 6 players in return for 4 players and a top-ten pick.


Iman Shumpert (Sacramento Kings)

Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat)

Channing Frye (Los Angeles Lakers)

Isaiah Thomas (Los Angeles Lakers)

Jae Crowder (Utah Jazz)

Derrick Rose (Utah Jazz)



George Hill (Sacramento Kings)

Rodney Hood (Utah Jazz)

Larry Nance Jr. (Los Angeles Lakers)

Jordan Clarkson (Los Angeles Lakers)


In Clarkson, Hood and Nance Jr, Cleveland has brought the average age of it’s roster right down. The athletic 25 year olds could be a part of the Cavaliers game for years to come. George Hill also arrives as a veteran with the experience to create and take shots.

Isaiah Thomas’ time in Cleveland was underwhelming, and the Cavs won’t be sorry to see him go. Especially as Larry Nance Jr. appears to be a player who could benefit LeBron James more than Thomas.

As we know, so much of what Cleveland do is about LeBron James. LeBron is heavily rumored to be going elsewhere during free agency, possibly to the Lakers. Although the Cavs season is under threat, these trade moves are just as much about persuading James to stay.

”He’s the guy that is going to take us back to the promised land,” Cavs general manager Koby Altman said, ”so you want to put the right pieces around him.”

Altman as much as admitted that the Thomas-Irving trade didn’t work out. He also stressed the need for younger players in what was the league’s oldest roster.

”The level of value we got back in the Kyrie Irving trade was pretty good. Did it fit? Did it work? Probably not. So with those pieces, we decided to shuffle the deck and get younger and get some youthful talent with energy and enthusiasm, great cultural pieces that I want to be a part of.”

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