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Clippers Dealing With Vaccine Issues, Kawhi Absence Ahead of Season

LA Clippers team president Lawrence Frank refused to be drawn on whether all the players and staff are fully vaccinated.

As we gear up for the new NBA season, vaccination status is a hot topic. Last week, news that Kyrie Irving could be willing to miss home games rather than get vaccinated circulated.

Certain teams will have vaccination mandates depending on the legal requirements of their area.

The imbalance of vaccinated VS unvaccinated players will cause major roster issues looking forward. So far, it doesn’t look as if the Clippers have their house in order.


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“Personally, I’m a huge advocate of the vaccinations. I believe in the science and believe in the evidence as a personal viewpoint,” Frank said. “But in regard to speaking on behalf of players or staff, I’m not comfortable sharing that type of information other than personally, what my beliefs are and what we spread and what we educate everyone in the organization. But ultimately, that’s not my news to share.”

One player who definitely won’t be available is Kawhi Leonard, who is recovering from an ACL operation from July 13. He sustained the injury in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals against the Utah Jazz.

At the moment, the Clippers can’t even say whether or not he will play this season.

“Oh, we don’t even breach that,” Frank, the Clippers’ president of basketball operations, said when asked if he anticipates Leonard playing this season. “I think at this point, it’s just no one knows when you’re dealing with a recovery from an ACL [injury], the time frame.”


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“Even just to save you guys [from asking] throughout the year, is no one knows. You just attack it day by day. He has a very detailed plan with a great group, and we’ll just let his body and the doctors tell us when it’s the right time.”

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