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Clippers Would Make Room for LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony

The Los Angeles Clippers, the champions of the Pacific Division have a strong interest in signing Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James.

Of course, that is if the needed space in the salary cap can be cleared to make a top of the line offer to one of the two stars, who both have opted to become free agents as of July 1.

However, one player on their current roster they do not want to move out is Blake Griffin their power forward. While Los Angeles would have to move significant money and players to have enough room for either Anthony or James, sources have said that the coach and president Doc Rivers has said to Griffin numerous times the he is considered untouchable in any deal.

Los Angeles has $76 million that is committed to salaries for the 2014-15 season. The figure will fall to $71.7 million after Danny Granger, Glen Davis and Darren Collison opt out of each of their contracts.

That means the Clippers would likely need to trade a combination of players including prized center DeAndre Jordan , Matt Barnes, Jared Dudley J.J. Redick or Jamal Crawford to make room for a deal to land Anthony or James.

The discussions by the Clippers about making enough room for Anthony or James have all been done so internally to date. However, inside sources says the team has had discussions about trades during the spring with the Orlando Magic about Arron Afflalo their shooting guard.

The conversations were rebuffed initially by Orlando, who did not like the contents of the trade the Clippers were offering, said sources.

However, some believe the two teams would be able to revisit the talks later if a three-team trade were to come into the picture.

Los Angeles is very fond of Afflalo the former star at UCLA and came close last summer to trading for him prior to the deal being shut down that included Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe, by Donald Sterling the team owner, said sources.

It was reported by a national sports network this past February that if James leaves Miami, the Clippers are a destination that is preferred by the superstar, due to the strength of the team’s roster and his relationship with Chris Paul as well as with Rivers.

Paul and James are best of friends and both have talked about playing on the same team, since they played in high school and met on the all-star and AAU circuits.

Paul is the godfather of Bryce, one of James’ sons and the two stars were in each other’s weddings.

Anthony is also well liked by the Clippers. He is close to both Griffin and Paul.

However, it would be next to impossible to sign both due to the need for a huge opening on the roster to fit under the salary cap.

Rumors have already started to fly about where both players will wind up, with some believing James will stay in Miami and Anthony will land with the Heat or Bulls.

However, nothing can be decided until July 1 when the free agent season officially begins.

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