Combative Kangaroo Boxes Flags on Practice Green in Australia

On Monday, Australian golfer Daniel Popovic, who won the Australian PGA Championship in 2012, posted the third best video of a kangaroo that now exists on the internet. In case you were wondering, this is No. 1 and this is No. 2.

Popovic was practicing his short-game at the Hertiage Golf & Country Club in Wonga Park, Australia, when he was “kanga-rudely” interrupted by a feisty ‘roo working on his boxing skills with a couple of flags on the green.

The kangaroo throws down with a red flag, before moving on to see what the blue flag thinks it was looking at. It’s basically one of the greatest things that has ever happened in the history of golf.

Anyway, it was nice knowing you all…I’m moving to Australia tomorrow.

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