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Cowboys Finally Place Romo on Injured Reserve

It wasn’t missing the playoffs or clinching a losing season that painted the ultimate picture of the Dallas Cowboys’ lost 2015 season.

No, that dishonour goes to the roster move made on Christmas Day, with the Cowboys officially placing injured quarterback Tony Romo on Injured Reserve for the final two weeks of the regular season.

The move wasn’t exactly unexpected, but it does ensure that Romo won’t have to think about suiting up again until week 1 of the 2016 season.

Despite suffering what appeared to be a season-ending broken clavicle in week 3, only to re-enter the lineup on Thanksgiving Day and re-aggravate the injury, the Cowboys held off on dumping Romo to IR given the team’s slim chance of winning the dog pile that is the NFC East.

Now that Dallas is out of contention for the division and, by extension, the playoffs, the eternal optimists in the Big D can give it a rest for about six months.

The narrative will surely be that the Cowboys lived and died by Romo’s health for the entire year, but the fact is that Dallas was a bad football team; one that cannot be single-handedly overcome by a quality quarterback.

For Romo, head coach Jason Garrett, owner Jerry Jones and everyone in between, it looks set to be an offseason of serious soul-searching. The Super Bowl window for veterans like Romo and Jason Witten is slowly closing. Before they can get that far, the Cowboys need to worry about how to keep their main man healthy for a whole year.

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