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Creeper Matt Barnes Continues Creeping in Rihanna’s General Direction

Image via Zimbio

Image via Zimbio

Earlier this week Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes completely embarrassed himself by running his mouth to TMZ about a supposed relationship with Bahamian pop goddess Rihanna.

Barnes came off as a desperate fanboy, disclosing the details of a supposed friendship that was potentially blossoming into a supposed relationship. That, despite the fact that Rihanna is dating devastatingly handsome British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

Dishing the dirt about your own private life to TMZ is Kardashian-like, at best, assuming the information is true. But manufacturing an entire imaginary storyline about someone you’re admittedly leching after, well that’s less Kim Kardashian and more Courtney Stodden.

Should you ever find yourself on lower ground than a Kardashian, it’s probably a good idea to turn back.

According to Rihanna’s rebuttle post on Instagram, not only are she and Barnes not an item, they’ve never even met. Former teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis attempted to come to his defense, insisting Barnes does know Rihanna, but unfortunately adding that he is “obsessed” with her.

Not realizing he’d already dug himself a hole too deep to escape with even a shred of dignity, Barnes attempted to save face during a Thursday appearance on The Jim Rome Show. He was intentionally vague, but ultimately stuck to his original story, which was also intentionally vague.

“You live and you learn. When you’re in a situation like this and, you know, you just learn. You just got to keep stuff to yourself obviously. But the way I’m putting it right now, I’m too grown to lie, you know what I mean. It is what it is, I’m going to let this blow by like everything else blows by.”

Barnes is right about keeping stuff to yourself. He’s wrong about being too grown to lie—you’re never too old to lie.

“What can you do? At the end of the day we’re all grown-ups. Like I said, I’m too grown to be lying about stuff but life is life. You live and you learn… In life in general, there’s no need. I’m grown. My upbringing just doesn’t allow me to have that kind of stuff in it. Life, sports whatever it is I’m just about the truth. I’m always going to be me, even if you know sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. I’m always going to be me, because I speak on things I feel passionately about. So love me or hate me I’m going to be me regardless.”

It’s comically ironic that Barnes is talking about being a grownup while acting like a middle school drama queen and talking out of both sides of his mouth. In one breath Barnes says he needs to keep his business to himself, then in the next says he’s got to be true to himself and run his mouth at every opportunity.

Even if he and Rihanna do know each other, it’s hard to fault her for completing shutting him down in the most brutally public of ways. Barnes is a no-name role player who has been arrested for domestic assault twice—the last thing she needs in her life is another hothead with a big, fat flapping mouth.

Deal with it, bro—RiRi is just not that into you.

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