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Curry’s 54-point game has the NBA Abuzz

While the Pacific division this season is about the talented Los Angeles Clippers, Stephen Curry stepped into the spotlight this week with one of the most impressive performances of the season.

The Golden State guard scored 54 points on Wednesday in a losing cause against the New York Knicks. This season, the Pacific division has been highlighted by the Clippers dominance, the Lakers troubles and the fine play of the Warriors.

However, the league is still abuzz over the game Curry had on Wednesday night in Madison Square Garden, one of the biggest stages for basketball in the world. Curry joined an elite group who has scored 50 points in the Garden. Prior to his phenomenal game, Curry was respected by his fellow players around the league, though his 54 points on Wednesday raised the stakes for the talented guard.

Each team that plays the Warriors knows Curry is the man to stop, but now the attention he will receive from opposing defenses will be even greater. Curry is versatile in how he scores his points, works hard off the ball to get open and his shooting prowess is one of the best.

Steve Kerr, the ex-NBA player and a TV analyst said it was phenomenal to watch Curry play Wednesday. He said he had never experienced a game like that from any player beyond the three-point arc. Kerr said Curry’s shooting stroke was amazing and beautiful. Kerr says Curry plays a complete game and just does not sit in one corner on offense waiting for ball.

Chris Mullin, the former great at Golden State and a Hall of Famer says Curry is the NBA’s best shooter. Mullin said regardless of the type of shot – hand in the face, off a dribble, catch and shoot or just standing still – you feel as if they are all going in the net.

For those that did not see the game, the box score was impressive. Curry hit 18 of his 28 field goals, including an impressive 11 out of his 13 from three-point range. Following the game, Curry insisted he does not know if he will ever have 50 points again in a game, but he said he would continue to be play aggressively and look for his shot.

Golden State’s offense needed Curry even more as the team’s second highest scorer, David Lee was suspended for an altercation against Indiana. Lee will return for Friday’s game in Boston, so Curry will not have to worry quite as much about scoring.

Many observers have said with the shooting ability of Curry, his skill overall as a player and his on court instinct, he should take more advantage of his shooting touch and look to score more, while not forgetting to create offense for others on the team.

Rick Barry  another Hall of Famer and former Warrior, said the more aggressive Curry plays the better he will become as his vision and selfishness will open  much more for him and his teammates on the court.

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