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Dak Prescott: Every Drive Matters In The Playoffs

“They’re all frustrating,” Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said. “Somehow or another, I got to stop.”

Dak Prescott said this about his recent habit of throwing interceptions after Thursday’s win over the Tennessee Titans. 

Dak Prescott threw two more interceptions against Tennessee, bringing his season total to a career-high 14. 

His previous high was 13 interceptions in 2017, which came on 490 pass attempts in 16 starts. This season, his 14 interceptions have come in 357 pass attempts in 11 matches played.


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“I’d say a minute after I sit down on the sideline, I’ve got it out of my head,” Prescott said.

“Said my words that I needed to say to myself and just moved on at that point.” Prescott has thrown at least one interception in six consecutive games, the longest streak of his career.

His career interceptions percentage entering the season was 1.7% – this season it’s 3.9%. Prescott has still improved the Cowboys since his return from injury, though. 

Dallas is averaging 34.6 points per game since he came back, and his 25 touchdown passes since Week 7 lead the league. As well as that, he has completed 71% of his passes.

“To be able to play this position, you got to have a short-term memory,” Prescott said. “Whether the interception you threw is your fault, not your fault, whether you throw it to the guy and lose out on points before the half or not, you’ve got to be able to turn the page and just move on. That’s something that honestly I take pride in.”


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“As we move forward to this last game and all these playoff games, every drive matters. And we have to play every drive like it’s to win the game, and that’s the reality of it when you get to the postseason. It’s just heightening our focus and understanding, for me, the risk versus the reward, whether it’s a tight window or not. Just as everybody being on the same page and understanding the magnitude of each play.”

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