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Dak Prescott Says Cowboys’ Offense Is Unique Among The NFL

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy says quarterback Dak Prescott is adapting well to his new playbook ahead of 2023.

The last time Mike McCarthy called the offensive plays was during his final season with the Packers in 2018. Now, he’s taking over from Kellen Moore, who was Dallas’ OC for four years.

The offense had started to slip under Moore after the Cowboys ranked first in yards and points in 2021. Last season they slipped to fourth in points and 11th in yards. As well as that, Dak Prescott led the league in interceptions with 15.


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Dak Prescott says McCarthy’s tweaks to Moore’s methods results in ‘a system that’s not really out there’. 

“I love the way we’ve challenged Dak mentally, and more importantly, I love the way he’s attacked it,” McCarthy said.

“I wouldn’t say I didn’t know it about him, I just think it’s like all of us: You don’t really know until you really stress and push. He’s really handled these changes and adjustments, the input, because at the end of the day, the quarterback … they need to own the offense.

“I have no interest in being known as some guru coach or a smart coach. I want smart, Hall of Fame-type quarterbacks. The only way to get there is you’ve gotta make them own the offense. You see it, he has the personality, but it’s just like anything. This is our first year of playing the way we want to play, and he’s done a really good job of taking ownership of that and with that the mental challenges. He’s knocked it out of the park.”


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“This is the ‘Texas Coast,'” Dak Prescott said. 

“We just renamed that, the quarterbacks. It’s got definitely some West Coast principles, but has a little bit of what we’ve done in the past and just marrying them together with a lot of detail and maybe in a sense, a system that’s not out there.”

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