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Dak Prescott Wants Cowboys To Evolve Into Playoff Regulars

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is eyeing a sustained attack on the playoffs, something that hasn’t happened in his career.

The current NFC East champions haven’t made the NFC Championship Game or won multiple playoff games since 1995. 

Additionally, the Cowboys have not featured in the postseason in consecutive campaigns since 2006-2007.

Dak Prescott is motivated by the naysayers and particularly the fact the Eagles are the favorites to win the NFC.


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“Where we are right now, it’s all excitement. It is,” Dak Prescott said, via ESPN. “It’s truly a privilege to be the quarterback of this team, to be a leader of these guys, offense, defense, this coaching staff that we have. And yeah, especially with everything being said about us — you know what I mean? — the lack of what we have, keep writing, keep talking. We’re ready to go play.

“I believe high expectations create higher results,” Prescott said. “I feel like I’m my biggest critic. I’m tough on myself. I’m always going to hold myself to extreme, super-high expectations, higher than I think anyone else can. When you feel other people have those expectations for you as well, it’s fun. It’s fun. At that point, what you believe in yourself, other people believe in it, too. You just want to continue to improve and be the best you can.”


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“It’s definitely time for us to go back-to-back winning this division, getting to the playoffs, things that you said haven’t been done in my career and hadn’t been done in a long time,” he said.

“That’s how you make those steps. You got to compile good years on top of good years to make those runs to give yourself a good chance. We got a good team. We got a great team, great coaching, great organization. Now it’s time not to have any lapse, be better than we were last year and take the next step on top of last year.”

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