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Darius Slay On Cooper: ‘They Need To Pay That Man That Money’

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper is the most under appreciated WR in the NFL, according to Darius Slay.

The Eagles cornerback said as much on Chris Long’s podcast recently, referring to Cooper’s negotiations for a new contract.

Amari Cooper held out of mandatory minicamp as an extension has not been agreed on his five-year deal. Darius Slay says Cooper’s talent is being ‘slept on’, and that he’s unique as a receiver.


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“I really be thinking he’s the most underappreciated receiver in the league,” said Darius Slay.

“I’m seeing right now that Cleveland don’t want to pay him, they need to pay that man that money,” Slay said.

Amari Cooper has hit the 1,000 yards receiving mark seven times over his NFL career. The five-time Pro Bowler isn’t slowing down at 30, and had a highlight year in 2023. Cooper had a career-high 1,250 yards and 17.4 yards per reception last year. In total he caught 72 catches and five touchdowns.

“A guy that has been a consistent thousand-yard receiver and has been doing his thing and people still don’t give him credit is really Amari Cooper,” Slay said.


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“He really the one that’s really being slept on,” Slay said. 

“He been a consistent receiver for, since he been in the league and been dominating. He’s really the only receiver that really, I truly think that has a true route tree as can run all the routes. Lot of guys got special abilities, can be running faster or somebody that’s 6-6, 6-5, can just Moss you cause he’s bigger than you. But Amari Cooper, off the line of scrimmage, he’s amazing; after the catch, he’s amazing; he can attack the ball.”

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