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Dave Roberts: Took Out Cody Bellinger for Not Hustling

The Los Angeles Dodgers mediocre start to the 2018 MLB regular season is beginning to show cracks. The latest slipup came during a 4-2 loss on Sunday to National League West rivals the San Francisco Giants. Manager Dave Roberts took last season’s rookie of the year Cody Bellinger out of the game during the fifth inning. He benched the outfielder for what Roberts said was a lack of hustle.

Roberts following the loss said he felt Bellinger did not hustle on a ball he hit deep to right-center. Adding that he just cruised to second with a double. He was referring to a ball that was hit hard by Bellinger into an area known as Triples Alley.

Roberts added that Bellinger plays every day and certain expectations exist for how the play must be played and when those unwritten rules are not abided by, the team will find a player in the mix that will, which makes it quite simple.


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After dropping three of the four games in the just completed series with the Giants, Los Angeles is 12-15. More importantly, they are already seven games behind the front running Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL West. They begin a four-game series with their rivals on the road Monday.

Cody Bellinger told reporters following the game he had been unaware at the time what the reason was for being benched. Although he was very surprised.

Bellinger said that when he reached the dugout Roberts told him that he had been taken out of the game. However, his manager did not say why he pulled him.


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Bellinger said he put his jacket on and went to the dugout railing and watched the rest of the game. He insisted he always plays the game hard.

He added that on his double he had taken a big swing and ended up on one knee, and since the team was behind by four runs he decided he did not want to make an out attempting to stretch a double to a triple.

Obviously, Bellinger said it is Triples Alley but the team is down by four and that was his reasoning, and his decision and he does not think there was anything wrong with it.

Roberts might have been trying to send a message to his team of stars that has won the title in the NL West the last five seasons that the club’s start to the season is unacceptable.

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