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David Price Traded to Detroit, Fox 13 Tampa Reacts Unfavorably

On Thursday afternoon the Detroit Tigers acquired pitching ace David Price from the Tampa Bay Rays in a blockbuster trade up against the MLB trade deadline. The three-team deal also sent Austin Jackson to the Seattle Mariners, and Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin and Willy Adames to the Rays.

The biggest name in the deal by far is obviously Price, a four-time All-Star and 2012 AL Cy Young winner. Given the Rays always measured payroll, the chance of keeping him when his contract expired were slim to none, so moving him may hurt now, but ultimately makes sense for the club.

Of course, you can’t blame fans in Tampa for being a little bummed about the loss. You can, however, blame Fox 13 Tampa Bay for their less than favorable Twitter response to the trade.

As is always the case on Twitter, reaction to Fox’s tweet came fast and furious—it ranged in tone from mildly exacerbated to absolutely appalled. It didn’t take long for them to issue an apology, which tried to calm the rage with a little humor.

It really did escalate quickly!

The local fox affiliate deleted the original tweet, but really shouldn’t have bothered. That’s not how the internet works.

Ultimately though, all’s well that ends well for Detroit. They’ve got a rich baseball tradition in the Motor City, a very competitive team, and now they have David Price.

But beach chairs and strip clubs are nice too, right Tampa?

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