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Derek Wolfe Told Tom Brady He’d Eat His Children During AFC Title Game

Perhaps taking his “Big Bad Wolfe” moniker just a step too far, Broncos pass rusher Derek Wolfe apparently upped his trash talk game against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during this past season’s heated AFC Championship clash.

Denver safety T.J. Ward told ESPN’s Highly Questionable that Wolfe paraphrased one of the most oft-replayed threats in sports history during a particularly tense part of the game.

“Wolfe, he says some things that are highly questionable,” Ward smiled. “I heard him hit somebody with the Mike Tyson. He told [an opposing player] he was gonna eat their kids. That was Tom Brady. I think he told Tom Brady that.

Tyson first coined the infamous phrase in 2000, during a trademark post-match rant after winning his fight in 38 seconds. He vowed to go after new target Lennox Lewis, then claimed he wanted eat Lewis’ heart and children before praising Allah and storming off.

But much unlike Iron Mike, Ward claims Wolfe actually isn’t much for opening his mouth on the field. “He doesn’t really say too much. His presence; he’s a dog on the field and he really doesn’t take any mess from anyone. Having him there up front set the tone for [our playoff run].”

Ward also talked about the team’s ups and downs through an inconsistent regular season, culminating in the starting and re-benching of Brock Osweiler and his subsequent big money deal with Houston. Ward even initially believed preliminary reports of Osweiler signing the $18 million/year contract were an elaborate joke, but spoke highly of the backup QB’s contributions.

“[Brock’s] a great dude, he’s a friend of mine. You got to do what’s right for you and your family. He earned it. He came in, he did a great job for us, got us to the ‘ship. When we needed to get to the playoffs, Peyton came in and finished it off. But Brock, he deserved it.”

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