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Deshaun Watson Backed To Have ‘Big Year’ By Browns GM

The Cleveland Browns realize it’s time for quarterback Deshaun Watson to deliver three years after joining the team.

Last season, the Browns made the playoffs with 38-year-old Joe Flacco quarterbacking for an injury-ravaged roster. A top-form Deshaun Watson would be a vast upgrade. However, it has been quite some time since Deshaun Watson was in top form.

Browns general manager Andrew Berry says Watson is rehabbing well and the team has high expectations of him this season.


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Deshaun Watson was suspended for the entire 2021 season due to sexual misconduct allegations. His 6 appearances in 2022 looked like a player who missed a whole season.

He began to find some form last year before being injured again and ultimately shut down for the season.

“We feel very good about the transition. He is in a good spot mentally and physically,” Berry said. 

“Obviously, he’s been rehabbing the shoulder injury, but he is well on his way there and in a really strong spot. I think he’s a lot more comfortable within the organization. You know, we have a core group of guys on offense that have now played together for a number of years.

“We do expect to hit the ground running on that side of the ball, and I know he is very excited about returning to the playing field and getting over this injury. We do have high expectations for him and the offense this season.”


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“I don’t think it’s uncommon for some transition or acclimation — that has to be in the realm of possibility,” Berry said. 

“But we feel good about Deshaun, like the trajectory we have seen, and do think he will have a big year.”

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