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Desmond Ridder: Leadership ‘Comes Natural To Me’

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder says he feels comfortable as the starter after a challenging rookie season.

The third-round pick started just four games in 2022. However, Desmond Ridder is something of a kingmaker in the NFC South. 

If he improves, the Falcons could win the division. If he doesn’t, they’ll fall short again. Desmond Ridder admits he struggled last year, but says his natural leadership qualities will begin to shine through.


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“This time last year, my head was spinning,” Ridder said on Wednesday. “Obviously having a year under my belt and a whole offseason, it’s become a lot more comfortable. Now we’re just trying to work the intricate details of it, just working the ins and outs, and knowing the exact whys of why everything is going on.”


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“I’m just doing what comes natural to me. Nothing’s forced,” Ridder said. “However it comes out for me… Sometimes it’s loud, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s just real quiet off to the side. Sometimes you’ll see me out there talking to the defense, talking to whoever. That’s just who I am.”

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