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Deuce Vaughn ‘Can Help Us Immediately’ – Prescott

Everybody is already talking about Deuce Vaughn after his father, Chris, made the call to draft him for Dallas.

The Cowboys running back will want to establish himself on the field also, which quarterback Dak Prescott believes he’ll do. 

“That was one that you do get excited about when you see that story,” Dak Prescott said.


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“Understanding going into it knowing who he was, knowing his dad, thinking how cool that would be if you could make that happen. I did pay attention enough that he was there in the (sixth) round or something, was like how is he still there? 

“Seeing that, seeing that reaction, just knowing how great of a guy Chris, who is the father, is. I’m excited about Deuce Vaughn being in there.

“I think he’s going to be a very talented player who can help us immediately,” Prescott said

Dak Prescott is in tune with the plight of the running back as he still practices with former Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott is in free agency along with Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt and Leonard Fournette.


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Meanwhile, the likes of Austin Ekeler and Saquon Barkley are holding out for raises that may never come.

“I think the running back position is tough,” Prescott said. “All those guys are dynamic backs, can still play and have a lot left in the tank. I hope all of them make the right decision and not just jump on whatever’s fast. You’re never surprised about what this league does. You always have to understand it’s a business and try not to take anything personal.”

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