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Diaz Versus GSP Not Over?

Despite Georges St-Pierre defeating Nick Diaz by unanimous decision at on UFC 158, it appears that Diaz remains a thorn firmly in the side of GSP.

Diaz believes he had the odds stacked against him in more ways than one in his fight with St-Peirre.

MMAFighting.Com published an email sent to them by Jonathan Tweedale, a representative of Diaz.  In the email accusations are made that the post fight drug test was very lax in regards to St-Pierre.  Tweedale also claimed that the weigh in was also flawed as it disregarded decimals.  He says that Diaz plans to file a formal complaint regarding the fight.

The first claim is nothing new coming from Diaz.  In fact, other fighters have also accused GSP of steroid use and officials looking the other way.  St-Pierre does not do his own credibility any favors considering he was caught greasing up before and during fights.  However Diaz also just lost a fight and as every reason in the world to tear down St-Pierre.

The second claim is a bit more complicated.  Most pre-fight weigh-ins consider decimals.  When the weigh-ins are done in Canada they disregard the decimals.  So a fighter could weigh 170.9 and still fight the match as a welterweight.  Diaz’s rep claims that GSP weighed over 170 by decimals so he was not a welterweight at the time of the fight.  Diaz’s rep says that Diaz wants an “immediate rematch.” Diaz

The second gripe from Diaz may be irrelevant.  The Quebec Commission has excluded decimal for the last five UFC events held in Canada.  In other words, it is a rule and it was not a special exception made for GSP.

Even if it is found that the second complaint is valid, the fight would not be voided.  It is also unlikely Diaz would get a rematch, as the fight would just have been considered a nontitle match since GSP didn’t make the weight.

If a rematch does happen you would not find many people betting on Diaz and the odds would be even more stacked against him than it was in his first time around.

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