DK Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks
Jun 11, 2019; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf (14) returns to the locker room following minicamp practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

DK Metcalf Advises Rookies To Use Social Media Positively

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf has warned this year’s class of rookies against the pitfalls of social media.

DK Metcalf was speaking at the NFL’s first rookie webinar last month. The webinar was held because the offseason has been so affected by the coronavirus. It was moderated by former Seahawks player, and current director of player engagement Mo Kelly. 

Metcalf and others advised the 547 draftees on finance, mental health, real estate and community engagement. 

In a sign of the times, most of the rookies asked about social media. DK Metcalf told them to use it in a positive way rather than a negative way.


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“I told them you can’t make everybody happy,” he said

“You’re building a brand and you have to protect that brand, so if somebody calls you out on Twitter or Instagram, you can’t respond. Use social media for a positive impact on your life and other people’s lives and not a negative one.”

As well as that, Metcalf’s overarching advice was to be humble. He shared with them a story about Mo Kelly giving him a lesson in humility.

“I think Mo told us in our rookie meeting: ‘Don’t sit nowhere. Let everybody come in first and sit down. Then you find your seat last,'” Metcalf said. 


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“So that really set the tone for the year and how to approach everything. Just wait my turn and soak up as much knowledge from the vets as I could.”

“It’s a humbling experience,” he said. 

“These guys are the best of the best in college football and so they come into the league and everybody has a story. (But) really, nobody cares that you won a national championship before. You’re entering into a business world and into a world of professional athletes. So these guys were collegiate athletes and they come into this room and they’re used to be the best of the best, and now they have to sit back, observe, and find a way to fit in.”

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