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Dominique Hatfield Added to Growing List of College Football Players Arrested

In years past, college football coaches did not sleep at night due to worrying about their offense, defense and injuries. Today, coaches are not sleeping due to worrying about their players being arrested.

As has become all too common for college football players, Dominique Hatfield a cornerback for the Utah Utes was arrested Tuesday for an alleged robbery.

Hatfield was arrested on suspicion of robbing a male who was planning to buy Hatfield’s Xbox game console.

Unfied Police said Hatfield met the man at an agreed upon car wash Tuesday afternoon after the man responded to a classified ad online for the Xbox. Hatfield allegedly pulled out a knife and robbed the man of $180.

Hatfield, who is 20, was still in custody on Wednesday, according to jail record in Salt Lake County. His bail was $50,000 and Greg Skordas his defense attorney would not comment on the case.

Hatfield is a junior who is from Los Angeles. He started in 10 games last season switching to cornerback from wide receiver. He finished the season with 38 tackles, one pickoff and nine pass breakups.

When contacted a spokesperson for the university said the coaching staff, including Kyle Whittingham the head coach were vacationing and unavailable for contact.

Hatfield was stopped by police after returning to the car wash after the wife of the victim posed as a possible buyer for iPhones and arranged to meet with Hatfield to purchase a pair of smartphones that had been advertised online.

The online ads for the iPhones and Xbox were under the name David Wilkins.

Police, who were alerted to the robbery earlier, detained Hatfield and held him until the earlier victim arrived to identify him as the one who stole his money.

In other unrelated news, Laremy Tunsil an offensive tackle for Ole Miss along with Lindsey Miller his stepfather, will appear in court July 14 following an altercation between the two last week that led to both pressing domestic violence and assault charges against the other.

Tunsil told his coach at Ole Miss Hugh Freeze that he had been protecting his mother at the time of the incident, after Miller had shoved her while having an argument.

Miller said the argument took place after Tunsil met with agents and Miller tried to congratulate him. Freeze noted that it was within the rights of a student-athlete in the NCAA to meet with agents.

De’Andre Johnson a quarterback at FSU also turned himself in to authorities and then was released on $500 bond amidst accusations he punched a woman, who is 21, at a bar last week. After the incident came to light last week, Johnson was suspended from the FSU football team by coach Jimbo Fisher.

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