Donovan McNabb Serves One Day Sentence For Arizona DUI

On Thursday TMZ reported that former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who now works as an analyst for Fox Sports, served one day in Arizona’s Maricopa County jail this week. His brief stay in the slammer stems from a DUI arrest in December.

According to the police report, McNabb was pulled over in his Grey Land Rover on December 15, 2013 doing 81 in a 65 mph zone. The stop happened just after 3:00 a.m. and he was deemed to be under the influence and arrested by officers on the scene.

McNabb’s lawyer and prosecutors in the case agreed to a deal on March 27th in which the former Pro Bowl quarterback would plead guilty in exchange for a one-day sentence in county jail. He was booked on Wednesday April 16th and released the following day.

McNabb's mugshot

McNabb’s mugshot

TMZ reached out to Fox regarding McNabb’s arrest:

Donovan’s employer, FOX Sports says it’s discussed the DUI arrest with him … and is “convinced that he understands the gravity of his offense and is sufficiently contrite.”

The FOX Sports spokesman added … “The legal process has been concluded and we plan no further disciplinary action at this time.”

So it looks like McNabb is all set to continue boring football fans to death with his mundane tweets and ridiculously mundane “insight” on Fox Sports 1. It’s a shame, but that mugshot is the most interesting thing he’s done in years.


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