Duke Biggest Favorite in Five Years

The First Four have played and the full 64-team field begins. The quest to win the NCAA basketball national championship is on. The Duke Blue Devils have been stamped as the biggest favorites entering the tournament since the Kentucky Wildcats in 2014-15. That season, the Wildcats reached the tournament undefeated but were defeated during the Final Four.

If Duke does not win the national title this season betting brackets in the millions will bust. As well as that, money in the billions of dollars will remain in the hands of odds makers. This is because Duke is one of the country’s most popular public bets.


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As much as 20% of the money wagered on the NCAA championship has been bet on Duke at several sportsbooks. Thisis shown by reports from sources in the industry.

Entering the Big Dance, Duke is 2 to 1 to win the national championship followed by Virginia at 6 to 1, North Carolina and Gonzaga at 8 to 1 and Kentucky at 10 to 1 to round out the top 5.

That first five is followed by Tennessee at 12 to 1, Michigan State at 15 to 1, Michigan and Texas Tech at 25 to 1 and Houston and Purdue at 30 to 1 to complete the top 10.


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It all starts on Thursday March 21 with the first 16 games followed by another 16 on Friday to complete the first round of March Madness.

Following each full round, odds makers will release updated futures boards for bettors to make new additional bets and if this year’s tournament is like most of the previous ones, a Cinderella story will emerge with a very low seed knocking off a high seed during the first two rounds.

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