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Early Diaz Versus GSP Hype


UFC 158 is just over a week way (March 16, 2013), and the hype train for the main event began moving froward yesterday during the UFC media conference call.

These calls ussually are pretty basic.  Reporters ask questions to fighters and the fighters give generic answers to the question.  You know the fighters get asked a question and the fighter says something like “I”ve been training hard for this fight and I plan on winning…etc.”

However, the conference call yesterday with Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre got a little more heated than usual.

First, Diaz is going into this fight with a huge chip on his shoulder.  He is not a big fan favorite and his personality is considered a bit boring.  Therefore, he gets looked over by the UFC fan base often.  It also prompts a lot of people to claim that Diaz does not belong in this fight, and he is not even in St-Pierre’s league.  The money line even puts Diaz as a huge underdog.  The money line to bet on GSP is -500 compared to Diaz’s money line at +350.

The tension on the conference call began when Dana White brought up something GSP had previously said.  GSP had apperently called Diaz “the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met and I’m going to put the worst beating on him you’ve ever seen in the UFC.”

Diaz did not take kindly to that claim.

DiazI’d say he’s out of line a little bit. I think that we’re both martial artists and I’d like to be considered for who I am. I come from a background of important MMA fighters and martial artists, it’s not just a joke. People like to talk about my skill level and my wins and this and that, but I had to make due, I had to work before I got started. I think Georges can appreciate that and respect that.


After this the two fighters verbally sparred for the rest of the call prompting many of the other fighter to simply hang up on the call.

The verbal insults started out petty with the two fighters mocking of each other’s accent.  The banter quckly escalated to the two fighters simply threatening to beat down each other and screaming at each other.

It is rare to see GSP lose his cool before a fight.  Whether or not GSP coming unhinged verbally gives Diaz better odds is a matter of opinion, but I know I have never seen GSP go off on a future opponent like he did on Diaz.

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