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Early Packers versus 49ers Playoff Game Preview

The Green Bay Packers had to be concerned about the Minnesota Vikings, in particular, the Packers had to fear Adrian Peterson.  Peterson is the indisputable reason why the Vikings even got to Wild Card Weekend to begin with.  Peterson put his team on his back and ran into the playoffs.

It could not last forever, though.

The Packers defense, as poorly as it played early in the season, has been getting it done when it matters most.  They were able to contain Peterson and then finish the Vikings off with Aaron Rodgers passing game.  With their 10-24 win over the Viking the Packers now move deeper into the playoffs.  Based on their seed number the Packers will now take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Other than being billed as a divisional playoff game, this match up could be billed as a dynasty versus a dynasty.  Both the Packers and 49ers have a history of great players and great playoff runs and I think that this game will add to both these team’s legacy.  In other words, this is going to be a good one.

The last time that these two teams met was in Week 1 of the season.  The 49ers handed the Packers a loss 30-22.  In that game the 49ers defense was able to keep Rodgers away from the red zone with great efficiency.

After the win, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks made a prediction that is now coming into fruition.

Maybe we’ll see them again in the NFC championship.

-Ahmad Brooks

The question is will we see a repeat of the game that we saw in Week 1?

The Packers will be playing with much more intensity in the post season, but the same can also be said for the 49ers.   The 49ers rely heavily on a run game.  They fourth in rushing in the NFL and are ranked 23rd in passing.  The Packers were able to contain Adrian Peterson, as previously discussed.  If they can tie up the 49ers run game and force Alex Smith to try and win through the air the Packers could easily win this game.

The Packers are the underdogs with a -3 points spread.  The money lines is -170 for the 49ers.  The Packers money line is at +150.  The over/under is at 45 points.

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