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Early Preview of Redskins versus Cowboys

This Sunday the Washington Redskins will take on the Dallas Cowboys.  The winner of this game will finish the season at the top of the NFC East division.  The Redskins can also secure themselves a spot in the playoffs with a win Sunday.  In other words this game is going to be the main event of Sunday football.

The Cowboys are coming off a disheartening overtime loss against the New Orleans Saints   The game highlighted how inconsistent the Cowboys are, but I do not expect the Cowboys to simply lay down for the Redskins with the NFC East division on the line.

The Cowboys have been so inconsistent it is hard to predict how they are going to perform.  Prior to this last week it seemed that Tony Romo was performing well under pressure and winning games in clutch situations.  Unfortunately, the Cowboys, and Romo in particular, have often been heavily criticized for performing poorly under pressure.

The Redskins, on the other hand, are performing amazingly well.  They have won their last seven games and a couple of them were not simply won on the back of their star quarterback Robert Griffin III, who was out with an injury for a few games and the Redskins still got the job done.  They keep finding ways to win and are convincing many, myself included, that they are legit Super Bowl contenders. Bovada now has their odds to win the Super Bowl at 25/1.  That is higher than any other team in the NFC East the next closet is the Cowboys at 40/1.

The point spread put the Redskins as the favorites at -3.5 points.


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