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Early UFC 155 Main Event Preview

Heavyweight fights in the UFC are brutal clashes and UFC 155 on Dec. 29 is going to be no exception.

Cain Velasquez gets a rare Heavyweight Championship rematch against Junior dos Santos.  The last time these two met was on UFC on FOX when Santos unceremoniously knocked out Velasquez in a little over a minuet into the fight.   They both have won each of their last fights and find their paths crossing yet again. Velasquez will be looking to prove that his KO at the hands of Santos was a fluke while Santos will simply be looking to repeat his last win against Velasquez.

In Velasquez last fight he pulled a Santos and knocked out Antonio Silva in the first round.  Santos last fought Frank Mir.  Santos finished Mir off in the second round of that fight.

Despite Velasquez being an excellent striker I would expect him to avoid standing with Santos after getting knocked out previously.  Santos is the better boxer.  Velasquez, on the other hand, is a take down machine.  His best bet at winning his taking Santos down every time he gets to his feet all while avoiding Santos dangerous right hand.

On the ground Velasquez has a couple options to win this fight.  he can take down and pound until Santos can’t defend himself, or he can try to go the full five rounds with Santos and win by decision via his take down skills.  I would not recommend the latter as the longer you stay in the ring with Santos the longer you give him to knock you out.

Velasquez could also pull out a surprise knockout because as previously stated he is no slouch in the striking department.

BetOnline’s early odds in this fight slightly favors Santos based on his previous knockout of Velasquez.  The money line for Velasquez is +155 to Santos money line of -175.

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