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Enes Kanter To Change His Name To Enes Kanter Freedom

Boston Celtics center and outspoken activist Enes Kanter will become a U.S citizen on Monday afternoon.

As part of his transition, he will legally change his name to ‘Enes Kanter Freedom’. Undoubtedly quite corny, but it’s hard not to think it’s another statement from a man who’s not shy to make them.

Enes Kanter moved to the U.S from Turkey as a teenager to pursue his NBA career. However, his Turkish passport has been revoked as a result of his criticism of President Tayyip Erdogan.

Enes Kanter is indicted in Turkey on charges of armed terrorism, which he has always denied.


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“Turkey could have been the bridge between Islam and the West but because of all the stuff happening now, that is almost impossible. I love my country and I love my people,” Kanter told the Guardian in 2020. “That’s why I want things to change. And just because I talk about democracy, human rights and freedom, the Turkish government calls me a terrorist. It is the craziest thing.

“The only thing I terrorize is the basketball ring.”

Recently, Kanter caused further tension between China and the NBA by Tweeting in support of Tibetan independence. As well as that, he has spoken out against China’s treatment of the Uyghur people.


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“I’m here to add my voice and speak out about what is happening in Tibet. Under the Chinese government’s brutal rule, Tibetan people’s basic rights and freedoms are nonexistent,” Kanter said. 

Clearly he is adding the word ‘Freedom’ to his legal name in a symbolic way. As a U.S citizen he will likely continue his activism. He also argues for a boycott of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

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