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Fernandez Upsets Braves After Hitting First Home Run

The Major League baseball season continues, with just three weeks left before the postseason begins. However, it was over long ago for the Miami Marlins and came to a close this week for their sensational rookie Jose Fernandez.

Nevertheless, it was not without controversy. Miami manager Mike Redmond has asked Fernandez to keep his exuberant behavior under control. Redmond said Miami’s opponent earlier this week had a legitimate gripe with his rookie pitcher, whose behavior Wednesday night caused a bench-clearing standoff.

Atlanta Braves players were no happy with the way Fernandez stood at home plate watching the first home run of his career, then while rounding third and heading home he spat in third baseman Chris Johnson’s direction,.

Atlanta was also upset with Fernandez for his cocky looking grin after serving up a home run to Evan Gattis. Then at the end of that same inning, while walking off the field, he stared toward the bench of the Braves.

Following his home run and his admiration for the same, Fernandez caused both benches to empty and create a confrontation at home plate. Later following the game, Fernandez did apologize.

Redmond said Fernandez is very emotional, which is good as it is part of his game, but he has to know when he can show that emotion and when he has to hold back.

Lost in what took place between the team was another excellent outing by Fernandez the Marlins rookie All-Star. It was his final start for the season as he reached the innings count management wanted him to pitch. He gave up just one run over seven innings in the Marlins 5-2 win.

Fernandez, who is just 21 years of age, is 12-6 on the season with an impressive ERA of 2.19, which is second lowest in baseball trailing only Clayton Kershaw the Los Angeles Dodgers southpaw. Fernandez also has 187 strikeouts in just 172 2/3 innings pitched.

Miami, during spring training, set a limit of 170 innings for Fernandez for the season so his season is over. Redmond said his pitcher would be one of the best in the league for quite some time, but he wants Fernandez to be judged by his great play and competitiveness and not his theatrics.

Fernandez can be very demonstrative, such as shaking Brian McCann’s hand, the Braves catcher, when coming to bat on Wednesday.

His actions at times have rubbed his opponents the wrong way. Atlanta players were very upset with the way he showboated following his first home run in the majors. As soon as he crossed the plate after rounding the bases, Fernandez was laid into verbally by McCann and the benches emptied.

What is most important is Fernandez is young, willing to listen and has management worried about taking care of his arm to help, both them as a team and his own personal career.

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