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Fletcher Cox: Now It’s Time To See The Real Leadership

The Philadelphia Eagles need their locker room leaders to step up during this period of the season, says Fletcher Cox.

The 10-3 Eagles still control their own playoff destiny, but have lost two consecutive games in humbling fashion. The 49ers slapped them 42-19 in Week 13 while the Cowboys won 33-13 against them on Sunday.

As a result, Philadelphia has relinquished its NFC East lead. The important thing now is not to let a blip turn into a slide from which they can’t recover.


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“I think the biggest thing for this team now is really find out who the dudes are,” said veteran DT Fletcher Cox. 

“I’ve been part of teams where the dudes in the locker room do something about it, and I’ve been on teams where it kind of crumbles. But now it’s time to see the real leadership … leaders on this team, myself included, step up and do something about it.”

It’s the first time Philly has lost consecutive games by over 20 points since 2015. As well as that, Sunday’s game against Dallas was Jalen Hurts’ first career game without a touchdown.

“It’s something that we’re going through, not necessarily stuck in,” Hurts said.

“We’ve to be able to learn from it and we will. There’s and eagerness too just to continue to press on.”


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If the Eagles win their next game, they ought to be back on track. In truth, they have just come through their most difficult period of the season still in line to make the playoffs. It’s a case of managing any more potential slip ups in their remaining games against the Seahawks, Giants, Cardinals and Giants again.

“We’ve got to internalize that and we’ve got to make sure that the adversity that we’re facing right now, we’re able to get through and make sure we get better from it,” head coach Nick Sirianni said.

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