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Foster’s Torn Achilles Adds Injury to Insult for Woeful Texans


With their game already well out of reach against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, the Houston Texans suffered an injury that could go a long way towards ensuring that they do not win another game all season.

Arian Foster collapsed to the turf on a non-contact injury with only four minutes to go and the Texans trailing by 24. Foster motioned out from the flat and into the slot, then exploded off the line of scrimmage once the ball was snapped. Unfortunately for Foster, the Texans and NFL fans everywhere, the running back barely made it a yard before going to ground clutching his lower leg.

Preliminary reports point to a season ending torn Achilles, with Foster set to have a confirmation MRI on Monday. Some will undoubtedly point the finger at the coaching staff for keeping their stars in the game so late in a certain blowout, but it’s hard to place the blame on anyone when it comes to non-contact injuries.

The unexpectedness and strain of an injury on a routine play or movement is almost always serious. For Foster and the Texans, it could signal the end of their relationship as well.

Approaching the end of his contract, Foster will carry a heavy cap number next year while also hitting 30 years old by the start of the 2016 season; the age at which most first-string running backs begin to show rapid deterioration in skill, speed and production.

On the opposing sideline, the Dolphins celebrated their second win in as many weeks under tough-as-nails interim head coach Dan Campbell, who with each passing week makes his voice heard louder and louder in protest for the top job next season.

Miami has outscored its opposition by 46 points in its last two outings, and will no doubt head to Gillette Stadium for a short-week showdown with the undefeated Patriots on a South Beach-sized wave of confidence.

But on a day where the Dolphins set a franchise record for most points in a half with 41, the biggest story was the dumpster-fire-turned-home-arson season for the Texans. Just for the record, Houston scored on the play following Foster’s injury, securing a “respectable” 18-point defeat.

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