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Future grim for Adam Gase and his 5-9 Jets

The New York Jets hired head coach Adam Gase with the hope that he could turn the team around and bring energy to the locker room. Instead, New York (5-9) continues to look awful and Adam Gase is reportedly already losing the respect of his players.

According to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, an unnamed Jets player detailed just how quickly Gase’s reputation deteriorated and that players simply don’t respect him. According to the player, Gase’s attitude and the team’s offensive struggles have quickly turned many players against Adam Gase.


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The Jets are averaging the second-fewest total yards (274.1) and fifth-fewest points per game (17.6). This, on a team with Sam Darnold, Le’Veon Bell and Robby Anderson.

Gase’s job may be safe for now. However, that could change if the team loses its final two games and the offense continues to look stale.

Even if New York’s front office takes advantage of the 2020 NFL Draft to improve this offense with a player like Austin Jackson, it won’t be enough if circumstances don’t change.

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