Georgia Takes No. 4, Ohio State Up to No. 6, Michigan Falls

Following three consecutive weeks of having the same four schools holding the top four places for the College Football Playoff, change has come in the form of the Georgia Bulldogs moving up to No. 4 knocking the Michigan Wolverines down to No. 7 following its loss to Ohio State 62-39.

Ohio State move up four places and sits at No. 6, but was not able to overtake No. 5 Oklahoma after the Sooners defeated West Virginia 59-56 knocking the Mountaineers down to No.16.


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UCF, which moved to 11-0 on the season, moved up one place to No. 8 but still below Michigan at No. 7 even though the Wolverines have two losses.

The top three places are held by Alabama at No. 1, Clemson No. 2 and Notre Dame No.3.

Other shuffling that took place following Week 13 of the season included Washington State falling from the top 10 to No. 13 after its loss to Washington, which moved five place higher to No. 11.


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Florida moved into the top 10 at No. 9 after defeating Florida State, while LSU fell to No. 10 after its 74-72 seven-overtime loss to Texas A&M, which moved up three places to No. 19.

With this week’s conference championships ready to kick off several changes are likely to be made to the final CFP rankings that will be released on Sunday.

Alabama meets Georgia in the SEC championship game which is a rematch of the national title game of last season won by Alabama.

Oklahoma and Texas will battle for the Big 12 title, while Ohio State and Northwestern face off in the Big Ten championship game. The four teams playing for the Big Ten and Big 12 titles are outside the top four and will be attempting to make individual cases to be included in the CFP semifinals.

Clemson plays Pittsburgh for the ACC title, while Utah meets Washington on Friday to decide the Pac-12 champion. UCF plays Memphis in an attempt to win its second consecutive AAC title.

Top 10 College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Alabama (12-0)
    2. Clemson (12-0)
    3. Notre Dame (12-0)
    4. Georgia (11-1)
    5. Oklahoma (11-1)
    6. Ohio State (11-1)
    7. Michigan (10-2)
    8. UCF (11-0)
    9. Florida (9-3)
    10. LSU (9-3)
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