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Golden State Warriors A Bit Too Cool About Shifted NBA Landscape

The Golden State Warriors have endured a well documented, humbling offseason in 2019. 

Having lost Kevin Durant, Shaun Livingstone, Andre Iguodala and DeMarcus Cousins, the Western Conference’s power dynamics will shift. In fact, fall of the Golden State Warriors will leave the whole of the NBA wide open.

The likes of Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have been quick to dismiss the doubts about the Golden State Warriors. Both players have said that their new underdog tag is a novelty that will motivate and inspire them. 

The trouble is, the more they talk about how their weakness is a good thing, the more it seems like they are seriously worried about it.


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This time, it was the turn general manager Bob Myers to contextualize their fall from grace as a blessing. The Warriors have been to each of the last five NBA Finals, winning three of them.

This season, a finals berth is not guaranteed. As a result, their rivals will be even more motivated to best them, and no longer afraid or in awe.

That feeling, Bob Myers said, is ‘different’ to what they are used to. He echoes the players’ sentiment that no longer being the favorites is a relief.


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“Different, right? Different in that going into (the last few seasons) we kind of knew what we had,” he said on Tuesday.

“What it would be, I don’t know.

“But there was also a weight to feeling like we’ve got to win. That’s it. We have to win the championship. We’re supposed to win. With this team, you’re going to win. That was nice, I suppose; I’m not complaining about that. But you realize it can’t last forever. There has to be change. You don’t know how change is going to come. So now we have it.”

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