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Gus Edwards Good Fit For New Chargers’ Physicality

Chargers RB Gus Edwards says he’s been taken aback by the work ethic of his teammates since he joined.

That determination bodes well, as they’re about to get a lot more physical under head coach Jim Harbaugh.

After five years with the Baltimore Ravens, Gus Edwards signed a two year deal with Los Angeles in March. He was already familiar with Greg Roman, who was also his offensive coordinator in Baltimore.


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“He wants to run the ball and play off of that,” Edwards said. “We were very successful with his offense over in Baltimore. I love this scheme, the way that he schemes everything up, and just the whole mindset — the physicality — I really like.

“He wants to see the backs go downhill and I think that’s part of my game,” Edwards said

“I just thought that it was a great opportunity,” Edwards said. 

“The coaching staff that they put together is incredible. I’m really familiar with [offensive coordinator] coach [Greg] Roman and his scheme, and I just wanted to be a part of it because I already know what his mindset is. Same with [head] coach [Jim] Harbaugh, I already know what his mindset is — being a physical team, I just wanted to be a part of that.”


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“Besides the colors, I’d say that it’s pretty much the same laughter],” he said. “I’ve been caught off guard by how much hard work these guys put in. Even the quarterback [[Justin Herbert], he’s out there leading sets. It’s caught me off guard by just how determined — and not saying that I didn’t expect it — but it’s definitely way more than I expected, of how determined the team is and how much work that they put in.”

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