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Head Coach Dan Quinn Says Falcons “Have Room” For Herschel Walker


In a modern age where most NFL running backs worth their salt retire not long after their thirtieth birthday, one long time retiree believes he’s still got what it takes. Last week Herschel Walker, now 53 and out of football for two decades, declared he was still fit enough to play professionally. At least one man – perhaps replying with tongue firmly in cheek – is asking Walker to prove his wares.

New Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn told Walker to “bring it on”, adding, “he’s one of my favourite all-time players. We have room for him. He’d definitely fit in from a competitive standpoint.”

Walker was one of the most charismatic and memorable running backs of his generation. He first entered the public domain by way of setting the USFL on fire. In three years with the New Jersey Generals, he ran for over 5500 yards and scored a gobsmacking 54 touchdowns on the ground. By the time he arrived in the NFL in 1986, his production had been mitigated somewhat, but he still composed a long and prosperous thirteen-year career with the Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles and Giants; a playing expectancy unheard of for modern tailbacks.

The athletic specimen may still boast a physique more impressive than most people thirty years his junior, but a shredded body isn’t exactly the issue here. All the cardio and weights in the world can’t stop a knee that is half a century old from disintegrating into dust when met with the shoulder of a J.J. Watt or a Luke Kuechly.

For any team blind enough to give Mr. Walker a tryout, pride may literally come before the fall. Even Quinn would have to concede that a lacklustre running back committee in which the most well known player is Antone Smith is better than a busted-up veteran promising the world and delivering nothing.

Debutant NFL coaches are often known for their diplomatic approach to roster spots, regularly spouting that “no man is safe” during training camp. Quinn appears to have taken that mantra to a new extreme with this open invitation to Walker. But don’t count on seeing this former two-league athlete in black and red anytime soon.

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