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Heat And Cavs Top Most Likely Landing Spots For LBJ

When news first broke that Lebron James decided to opt out of his final two years with the Miami Heat we mentioned that it was only a matter of time before special prop betting went up where you could put some money down on where he was most likely to land.  Well our good friends at Bovada have finally got the odds up and we are ready to break them down. 

Miami Heat      1/5     (-500)

The likelihood of JBJ opting out of his contract being a ploy on the part of the Miami Heat to free up some cap space to pick up another big player and then resign James at a lower cost is great. Realistically, out of all of James’ options the Miami Heat have the best opportunity at giving him another ring, so why go anywhere else?

Cleveland Cavaliers     4/1     (+400)

The place that the sportsbooks have has the second most likely landing spot is James’ old stomping grounds in Cleveland. There would be something poetic about James’ going back home to the Cavs from Miami. Plus, if he did leave for Cleveland that PR would be mostly positive as if he left for greener pastures, i.e. somewhere he would get paid more like…

Los Angeles Clippers     13/2    (+650)

The Los Angeles Clippers have a ton of talent on their team and keep coming up short, which is why they need a star like LeBron James. We have already pointed out that the Clippers could easily make the room to give a big star a big pay day.

Houston Rockets     12/1     (+1200)

The odds may not be in the Houston Rockets favor, but they have surprised us for the last two consecutive years by picking up James Harden and Dwight Howard. The Rockets have made no secret that they plan on pursuing LBJ as hard s they can, so despite their 12/1 odds of picking up James, I wouldn’t count them out yet.

Los Angeles Lakers     15/1     (+1500)

The Black Mamba wants a ring and the clock is ticking on his NBA career. In order for the Los Angeles Lakers to legitimately compete they need to bring in a big star fast. They have the cap room to offer James a big pay day. The question becomes, could the two egos of Kobe Bryant an Lebron James coexist in the locker room?

Chicago Bulls     18/1     (+1800)

The Chicago Bulls are another team that have made no secret of their desire to acquire a big star during the offseason. Their hearts seem to be set on picking up Kevin Love or Carmello Anthony, however. But do not be surprised if they do not at least gauge James’ interest in moving to the Windy City. James may not be the type to make rash decisions based on nostalgia, but he has said he ultimate goal is to out do Michael Jordan. What better place to do that than Chicago?

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