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Heat vs Bucks Game 2 Preview

The question heading into Game 2 is not really how this game is going to go.  Most assume the Miami Heat are going to simply run over the Milwaukee Bucks and as far as odds go, if any round 1 game goes into sweep territory it will be this one.

The big question going into this game is how are the Bucks going to be able to stop the Miami Heat.In Game 1 the Heat dominated 110-87.  It is important to note that LeBron James only took 11 shots in that first round win.  Imagine if James turned on his explosive offense and didn’t just act as a game controller.

“We don’t take his talent for granted because he does whatever it takes to help you win,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.

The Bucks are 1-4 against Miami on the season and they are simply going to have to find a way to not only slow down James, but also slow down all the stacked talent on the Heat roster if that is even possible.

The Bucks Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis had a good offensive game in the series opener.  They combined for 48 points.  However, the rest of the team only put up 39 points.  Against a squad like Miami, the entire team needs to contribute on the offensive side of the ball.

“No one’s in a panic,” Jim Boylan, Bucks coach, said. “We’ve played one game. It’s time for us to take a look and see what we can do and figure out how we can help those guys.”

That’s going to be easier said than done for the Bucks.  How do you stop a team that only needed LeBrong James to take 11 shots to beat you the last time out?

That is a question the Bucks will need to answer.

The Heat are the huge favorites to win this on all the sports books.  Most have the Heat’s point spread at -14.5 points.

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